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30-06-2007, 02:23 PM
I recently reformatted my computer and am now re installing all my gadgets and things. Problem is that when i went to connect my iriver, it asked me for the CD that came with it... the same CD that my son snapped into like 120 pieces!!!! Its an "iriver model No: N10 Memory:512MB." Ive searched everywhere on the net and all the links that I found to the driver that i need no longer work. Does anyone know where to find that driver???? I did find the iriver Music Manager Download so I have that, I just need the device driver.

30-06-2007, 03:55 PM
You may find you dont need the cd, my Iriver T30 doesnt need a driver, the only progs on the cd are Iriver 2 (a music manager and firmware update prog) and a bunch of inf/driver files for Win98(se), no driver for XP (not needed?!), you should be able to drag-n-drop within Windows Media Player.

Tho you say you have the music manager, so you should be able to do the firmware updating :p

30-06-2007, 04:46 PM
You shouldn't need it in my experiences with iriver, have you been to www.iriver.com and searched? this (http://www.iriver.com/html/support/download/sudw_list.asp?searchProductIdx=31) is what I got