View Full Version : Viewing Briefs in Net Attache Pro

02-03-2001, 05:55 PM
User Name: Barry Day
Net Attache Pro v 2.61 -32 bit
Product: TDI-01-02-2-0250e

I have purchased and operated Net Attache pro for some time and it appears to be operating properly. My question is about problems viewing my saved briefs.

Previously I used Internet Explorer 5 as my browser on my home computer and was able to generate briefs and view them without difficulty. Recently I upgraded to IE 5.5 and now cannot view my briefs although they appear to generate OK. When I attempt to view a web entry on a brief, I can?t, it says done but nothing seems to load.
I assume something in my IE settings must be incorrect. My ISP thinks my settings are OK and I can surf the net OK? Can you help?

For your info my IE settings are:
Tools/Internet options/Connections/Settings/tick Automatically detect settings, tick use automatic configuration script, Address http://www.xtra.co.nz/proxy/proxyconfig.pac, tick Use a proxy server/Advanced/HTTP: Proxy address to use'', Port'8080', Exceptions do not use proxy server for addresses beginning with ''

Lan settings are blank
TCP/IP settings are blank

I assume something in my Internet settings or net attache settings must be incorrect. Would you please tell me what my settings should be. I am running a computer at home, no network , with direct dialling to the Internet. Can you suggest anything? If you need any further info just ask.
Any assistance would be appreciated.