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24-06-2007, 09:05 PM
I've added a WAP (DSE 802.11g) and a DSE 5 port QOS switch to my old Dynalink DSL302g modem. The WAP is good; I can wirelessly access it's configuration page via my iPaq and configure away. However my PC won't allow access to it (PC is currently hard-wired to the switch to the modem) and the iPaq can't access the internet. I'm sure this is a modem/WAP issue. Not sure where to start: is this a setting on the modem (NAT etc), a setting on the WAP, a DHCP thing, an IP address incompatability?
I'm sure someone's been down this road already, would REALLY appreciate some pearls of wisdom if so...

24-06-2007, 11:05 PM

I am sure i can give you a hand on this...

According to what I have discovered, I have a HP IPAQ 3715 and Dlink DSL-G604T

In order for me to access this.. first of all, your router security should set as WPA-PSK, this will give you more option in terms of security (this is what xtra has suggested to me), like 8 digits with combination (like eg. jackyht202). (remember your password for your security function is CASE-SENSITIVE!!!

For the computers side, I have 2 computers with LAN and 2 computers with Wi-FI

For the computer that i have Wi-Fi on, i have installed the required driver and after all the setup and reset the computer, plug the USB in, the Wi-Fi will detected my Wi-Fi signal, then all i need to do is just pressing the connect and enter my password which i set for my router. Thats it! For this computer, i am instructed the computer as obtain IP address automatically.

For the other 2 computers that using the LAN to connect to the internet, I would have set all my computer as obtain IP address automatically

For my IPAQ 3715, Here is what happen Well what happen is like this, when you turn your IPAQ on and turn on your Wi-Fi on, then the box will show up that it has discover your Wi-Fi, then basically you will select connect to your Wi-Fi of course, then if you have set the password for your router, then it will ask you to enter your password...

Well then I have thought that it is ready to be connected to the internet, (althought it is connected to your router, but no internet still) as the connection signal is still moving (the thingee next to your volume function on your left at the screen! (next to the time) if it is connected, it is connected and it doesn't move at all) Funny that, my IPAQ got a really strange one (although might be different to you in the future, my IPAQ requires Static IP address rather than obtain IP address automatically", so what i have to do is,

I have to goto my Start button, settings -> LAN or Network Connection --> and select the HP iPAQ Wi-Fi Adapter. then enter my static IP address in order for my IPAQ to work...

So hope that helps. the last time i do this, take me a day to find out.. keep on ringing xtra helpdesk, no help, ringing dynalink, no help, ring HP as well, they will insult you as well as they don't help you unless you paid for it (because my one is out of warranty now, but hey, it is nothing to do with warranty anyway???)

hope that helps from my experience
but do give a postback buzz on here to see how you getting on

btw what IPAQ do you got, i think they should be all the same anyway as they all use our monopoly software "MICROSOFT WINDOWS CE"