View Full Version : Contact HUMAN support and Google/YouTube?

19-06-2007, 09:45 PM
Hi guys.

I just got myself into a dilema (by not reading properly)

I've had a YouTube account for sometime. Today I decided to make things a little easier to manage by using my Google account to log in. I then wanted to apply my YouTube user name as my Google Account nickname (on YouTube) so I rushed through and CLOSED my YouTube account.

Shortly after doing that, I realised I could have just linked my YouTube and Google accounts together. But the closed YouTube account is blocked, I can't log back into it (obviously) and can't link it to my Google account, and can't use the old user name as a new account.

I realise it's all my fault for rushing through and not bothering to 'read'.

But my question, is there any way to contact YouTube to maybe get my old YouTube account re-opened?