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01-03-2001, 10:10 PM
I recently had JetStart installed by Telecom. My ISP is XTRA and I supplied and installed a 3COM PCI ADSL modem model 3CP3617. I am running Windows Me on a PIII 450 with 128MB RAM. I downloaded the latest drivers for Me from 3COM's website. My problem is that we frequently lose our connection and the red light in 'Quickview' comes on and it says the line is down. When the line comes up again we have to log back onto XTRA again. A friend's line stays up for weeks on end and he is also using Telecom JetStart and XTRA. But he is renting a Nokia external modem from Telecom. Whenever I ring JetStart for help they refer me to my modem vendor. I have a fax machine which is connected to the other half of the ADSL line. Do I need a filter for the fax machine? Although I have not noticed any link between when the fax machine is in use and the line goes down. Sometimes it works well for an hour or two but on other occasions it goes down every minute or two.
I don't believe the problem is with the modem. Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with this problem?

01-03-2001, 11:31 PM
? are you using any firewall
ie Zonealarm or TSR virus program ? at face view it is unlikely that the fax machine is causing the prob unless the install of jetstart
was the problem ... typically if the dsl install was a prob you would notice noise and distortion while making voice calls ...also can you advise your download speeds .....
unfortunatley with jetstart it seems as if we need to prove our gear (modem) before
telecom will check their end ..let me know ! rgds

02-03-2001, 12:05 AM
I am using McAfee ActiveShield which checks all downloads for viruses. Voice calls and fax transmissions are OK. Being JetStart I am limited to 128k but Quickview gives my theoretical download speed as around 1400k. It varies from connection to connection. Thanks for the reply

02-03-2001, 05:34 AM
Join the club! Running 98SE with no AV/Firewalls/Zone Alarm or anything similar. No fax on the line either. Same internal 3COM PCI Card. 3COM tech support, Telecom, my ISP could offer no solution. Disconnected every 10 - 30 minutes. Borrowed a Dynalink ADSL External, to see if the problem was the modem or line. The Dynalink has disconnected once in a week. Returned the 3COM, and kept the Dynalink.

Suggest you do the same.

02-03-2001, 12:43 PM
Thanks for that reply. I have just had the guy from Cabletalk/telecom here testing the line. He has confirmed it is a modem problem. With his laptop and external Nokia modem he was getting 7MB download speed and 800kb upload. I never get more than 1.7MB down and 512k up. The line with the modem disconnected tested at between 68 and 74db (which is just fine) but as soon as we connected the 3COM modem it dropped to 50db. So I will be sending the 3COM back! Cheers.