View Full Version : CD ROM driver for MSDOS

01-02-1999, 11:13 AM
Dear Sir,
I have recently upgraded to Win 98 from 3.11. I can no longer access my CD ROM drive from MS DOS any more. It works fine in Windows but when I return to MSDOS mode, I get a message -
'Driver initialization failed,
C:\win98 > C:\win98\command\mscdex/d: mscd001 /v/m:8
Device driver not found mscd001
No valid CDROM device drivers selected

I have a quad speed Creative Labs CDROM

I have tried various changes to my config.sys and autoexec.bat file to no avail. My DOSSTART file appears to corrct as well

Please help, I don't want to re install win 98

Thank you for your help
Please let me know whether you need any other info

William Wong