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09-06-2007, 01:32 PM
Creating a new Database and want to put explanations of what should be entered in some fields. I cannot get Screen/Display Tips to show.
I have entered a description in the Tables Design view and in the Properties box "ControlTip Text" but to no avail.
I have gone through the steps suggested from "Help" ie: Menu Bar Tools, Customize, Options and Ticked "Show Screen Tips on Toolbar"
What am i missing here? On an existing Database I can see some in the Status Bar but cannot even work out from there why some appear and others do not.

10-06-2007, 11:25 PM
Hi Hugh

The 'control tip text' property for the object (i.e. field) on the form only displays the little yellow dialogue box (beside or above the object) when you hover over that object with the mouse. If the object (i.e. field) has the focus, then whatever is entered into the 'status bar text' property is what appears at the bottom of the screen - in the status bar. To ensure the status bar is showing, select menu option Tolls > Options > View > make sure 'Status Bar' is ticked. So far I have assumed you are working with forms.

If however you are working in the table view, then whatever value you enter into the 'description' field in the table design screen, will appear in the status bar if you are viewing the tables without forms.