View Full Version : Port Forwarding problem

21-05-2007, 08:44 PM
Attempting to install utorrent but when trying to set up port forwarding on my modem/router all I end up with when trying to add a new NAT Rule is Error: file invalid

MOdem is xtra supplied DLink DSL302G

Have followed the directions on utorrent page, on Dlink page, have rung Dlink Help desk (automatically referred to xtra), Xtra helpdesk (do not support this and could only offer advice that I had already tried)

21-05-2007, 09:07 PM
Welcome to PressF1!

I had a similar problem the other when trying to open a port on one of those routers.
I found that I had to remove the username and password so that it couldn't connect to the internet. (Just disconnecting didn't work) Then I was able to add the NAT rule without the error.
Then put the username & password back in again.