View Full Version : Unwanted window at startup

25-02-2001, 07:28 PM
After the startup is almost complete and the virus scan finishes,a window opens that I dont want.Its heading is (Open With)then asks me to give a description of (hta files),with a selection of programs to choose from.I have seen this window before but only if I have downloaded something that needs one of these programs.How can I stop it opening at random? Thanking you in anticipation.

25-02-2001, 10:18 PM
Check ur autoexec.bat and see if there's any lines in there which is related to that window....rem it if there is...also hold down the control key at start up this might stop it from loading...
one more thing... check ur startup folder and see if anything related to it it's inside...delete it if there is...

hope this helps..

26-02-2001, 02:28 PM
sounds like a virus to me. I suggest that you scan your computer with an up-to-date virus checker like Nortons

26-02-2001, 04:48 PM
Try Run/msconfig this will allow you to edit your autoexec/start up files by simply unchecking the boxes