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25-02-2001, 06:09 PM
I hope you can tell me how to correct the following problems with Excel 97.
They all refer to the one workbook, which has grown to 2.3Mb, which I should
not have thought beyond the programme's ability to cope.

1. Suddenly, text boxes, which used to have the default white background and
simple border, appear in the same format as comments, ie. yellow background
and dropped shadow border. This has not happened with other workbooks. When
I try to format the text box I get a window which states, 'The programme has
performed an illegal operation and will be shut down'. This also happens
occasionally when I'm working with comments. In case it makes any difference, the
workbook has 28 worksheets and is liberally sprinkled with conditional
formatting, text boxes and comments.

2. How can I format the style of comments? The default is bold type with the
username entered, whereas I want normal type and blank. Yet another case of
Microsoft trying to be too clever.

3. When I copy rows with data and calculations by dragging and dropping, the
worksheet eventually slows right down. The symptoms are a delay before the
copied data appears in the new position, XT-like cursor speed when
scrolling the data (although it runs at normal speed over empty cells when
the data has scrolled off the monitor), and a sluggish change from or to the affected
worksheet. The only way I can correct the problem is by copying the data to
a new worksheet, not in one homogenous lump, but avoiding one column which
contains ONLY ENTERED DATA which is not referred to by any other cell or
used in any calculation. If I re-enter that column's data manually on the
new worksheet, all is well, but if I try to copy it from the original sheet
it slows everything down again. How can manually-entered data not referenced
by other cells hinder a worksheet's speed in this way? It makes no sense.

Finally, can anyone tell me if Windows 98 is able to save an arrangement
of windows of different programmes? It's rather laborious having to open
each programme and line up the various windows for best use each time I
start the computer.

Sorry if these are simple matters to those in the know, but if the Help
wasn't so unhelpful I could find the answers (if indeed they exist) myself.

Regards, and with many thanks for your help,

26-02-2001, 11:13 PM
To set the comment defaults, right click your desktop, choose properties,appearance. Under the Item, choose Tool Tip, & format away.
With you're text box, it sounds like someone has set the textbox format to what you are seeing. To reset back to normal, left click the text box, then right click on the edge (when the cursor turns to a 4 pronged arrow). Format from here. Right click in the same place again, and select 'Set auto shape defaults'.
Not sure why you're getting the illegal op error, may need to reload excel (obviously this will also fix the text box default).
The speed thing, possibly too much formatting (what is your processor)? Try re-saving the spreadsheet without all the formatting, and then only format what is necessary.

04-03-2001, 10:36 AM

Many thanks for your advice, and apologies, (a) for not stating system details (Celeron 633, 64Mb, Win98SE), and (b) for taking so long to respond.

'Tool Tip' doesn't seem to be the place to set Excel comment defaults. The font shown is wrong and the Bold button is unchecked.

As regards the text boxes, although I can set the background colour back to white I can't find a way to get rid of the dropped shadow border. The illegal operation error occurs whenever I click on anything in the 'Fonts' or 'Protection' menus, with the other menus everything works OK. Also, when I right-click the edge of an active txt box the menu which appears is just the short one with only:

Copy Here
Move Here

and I have to try repeatedly to get the menu with Format Text Box.

All highly irritating and time-wasting. It seems Microsoft's products continue as unstable and bug-ridden as ever.

Nonetheless, thanks again for your help.