View Full Version : 486 wont recognise hard drive

17-02-2001, 02:58 PM
Im setting up an old 486 dx4 100 the hd is a 5.25' quantum bigfoot 1.2 gig.
on startup the machine detects the drive correctly but then says drive not ready.
I have run this hd in my other machine and it works fine all other drives work (floppy cd)I have tryed swapping I/O cards, ribbon cables and power cables. From the A: promt if you type C: it says invalid drive specification if you run fdisk it detects the drive & says there is no partitions when you try to create one it freezes when it goes to check drive integrity. Fdisk runs fine on this drive in another machine. Any help greatly appreciated. Bios is AMIBIOS 7/25/94

17-02-2001, 05:05 PM

Are you sure the drive is set up right in BIOS ? Does the BIOS support larger than 528MB hard disks?

Check this first.

-- Juha