View Full Version : can't install video card :(

31-03-2007, 12:32 AM
so i bought a pci radeon 9250, that's plain ol' pci, not pci-e nor agp.

to cut a long story short, windows cant install it, and the ati crap that they gave on cd and that i downloaded won't either.

i have currently got two nvidia 6600gts in sli occupying my pci-e slots, and as sli doesn't support dual monitors the only way to have dual monitors is to use a third card for the 2nd monitor. i have read on the internet in several places that this can be done, and seems to be the only known workaround. it also works, but using an nvidia based card for the third does not work as the forceware stuff disables it when in sli mode.

so, any ideas? for a while windows stopped recognising stuff ("vga controller" as it doesn't recognise the card) was even there.

this was followed by the pc failing to post/beep and turning itself off after a few seconds. i removed the card, booted ok, reinserted the card and i'm back to square one

31-03-2007, 01:32 AM
and the card installs fine on another system which also has an nvidia card (7600gt) running in it