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29-03-2007, 08:58 PM
Just a question on opening emails with pictures in it. When i open an email with pictures in it from my hotmail email in IE7, the email opens with pictures in it i.e picture is visible within email and also see pictures as files which you can click on to download.

the problem is that i am sending pictures to someone and when they open their hotmail email in IE 7, they dont show pictures in the email but rather just as files that can be downloaded. Is there some setting that needs to be change so the pictures appear in the body of the email as well?

30-03-2007, 04:13 AM
Are you pasting the pixs in the body of the e-mail or trying to?

The way your question is worded it seems you are not happy with having to download a pix as an attachment..right?

It's very easy to send pixs with a copy/paste in some e-mail programs.. ...harder to or even impossible in others. It depends upon what the provider or program considers as risky verses safe interfaces.

Consider this: The very thing you like about IE and Hotmail is pretty dangerous if there's any malware in the pix...and this is another way of getting or sending a bad infection.

If you have no control of how or when you view a pix in the body of the e-mail, then you are running naked thru the internet.

Since the pixs are already "there" when you look at the letter, you have risked a visit by malware that you invited into your system because you like the viewability better.

I know it's easier that way...but consider the consequences. IE-based clients are still trying to come up to speed in security like Firefox/Mozilla, but so far they haven't quite "got it".

This security weakness is better addressed by GMail via Firefox..where attachments can be scanned by your resident anti-program before you look at the cute puppy or whatever you get for pictures.

JMO = just my opinion