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22-03-2007, 12:41 PM
Hi all,

My friend has an IBM laptop and it has recently crashed (not sure how bad it is) and he didnt back up his data. He was using windows XP (dont think it matters now). The data contains emails and important information needing for his business.

Does anybody know any good computer data retreival companies which can retreive as much data as possible. Do you know how much it costs for it approximately?

Thanks all,

22-03-2007, 01:59 PM
Assuming the drive isn't totally trashed (possibly a motherboard problem or drive corruption in the boot area), you could try getting hold of a 2.5" USB hard drive enclosure (available for around $50 or much less if you look around - check http://www.pricespy.co.nz/pno_1608.html). Extract the HD from the laptop, install in the enclosure & then you can check out the drive data on another computer.

22-03-2007, 02:41 PM
Good data retrieval companies are expensive. Very expensive. And, it will take a while.
If your data is really valuable, they are a bargain.
Warning - If you use unskilled or unknowing "cheap experts", you may reduce (or even eliminate) the amount of recoverable data and simultaneously increase the cost of recovery.
Some people doing this here (http://www.dtidata.co.nz/) or here (http://www.datarecovery.co.nz/) or here (http://www.digitalrecovery.co.nz/) in no particular order. (This is just what Google serves up.)
Good luck with your friend's quest.

23-03-2007, 06:23 AM
unless the hard drive itself is faulty then you dont need any kind of data recovery services.......all you need is that adaptor and slave the drive to some other puter and you will be able to 'see' it within windoze then retreive anything you want.......just cause the puter has died doesn't mean theres necessarily any kind of fault whatsoever with the harddrive....

23-03-2007, 05:39 PM
If you can get a demo of True Image by Acronis, or any other cloning or imaging program.

Remove the drive and put it in the fridge or freezer for a few hours. A lot of the time, and hard drive failure is due to a dry solder connection (when the connection isnt actually being touched by solder due to expansion/retraction).

When you cool it, it will expand the metal, thus sometimes giving you enough time to quickly get an image or clone off the drive.

Have done it a few times on dead Hard drives, sometimes it will work, sometimes it wont.

Good luck

Graham L
23-03-2007, 06:07 PM
Don't put a disk drive in a freezer, unless you have given up all hope for the data on it.

First try booting the laptop with a Linux "Live CD" version. With that, you should be able to see if there is anything easily recoverable. (I think the latest Linux versions will have at least read access to NTFS file systems?).

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WRITE ANYTHING TO THE DRIVE. (People sometimes try writing recovered files back to the bad disk: this is a Bad Idea).

Proper (tested) backups are a Good Idea.