View Full Version : Win 98 bloats??

15-02-2001, 02:26 PM
Hi again, my friend told me that by installing win98 on a large HDD eg 20GB it will just some how fill it self up with rubbish?? Is this true?? I have a 40 GB, how would u recommend me to partition it?? Thx

15-02-2001, 05:07 PM
No it won't fill with rubbish.
Have a small partition for Windows itself, say 2gig. This will contain C:
The second partition should have a dedicated D: for the Windows swap file - about 3x system RAM. That makes about 200meg if you have 64meg. You will have to use Control Panel, System... to make it use D: for the swapfile. Make the min & max size both the same - e.g. 200meg.
E: should be used to install programs to.
F: should be used to save your data files to.

16-02-2001, 12:13 AM
Thx Ross, but can u tell me why is it that I shuold have a small partition for windows?? I was planning something like 20 10 10. Say if I do wat u said 2 GB for windows and 768 MB for Virtual, coz I have 256 ram, will it be ok if I just set this as e drive or something?? thx.