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11-03-2007, 03:22 PM
I go to "start", then "all programs", then "accessories" and then "entertainment", however, there is nothing in entertainment any more. I used to see "games" and "sound recorder" but no more.
I went to "control panel" , "add/remove Windows components" "accessories and Utilities" is un-clicked. So, I ticked it, it then starts to look at what files I have, it then asks me to insert a disk in drive A !!! My XP Prof. came on a CD, but even after trying to change the drive from A to D, it will or cannot find whatever is required. I then decided to re-install XP Pro, put the CD in the drive and it tells me after a while that the programme on my computer is a newer version then is on my CD. And won't install, I presume because of all the updates etc.

I have obviously done something very stupid to no longer have "entertainment but I sure would like it back.

Any suggestions please?