View Full Version : dying graphics card?

08-03-2007, 08:05 AM

Can anyone help me track down where the problem lies?

I was downloading an official patch for World of Warcraft today, when I noticed the screen had started to occasionally shudder slightly, almost as if it was contracting slightly then expanding or had been jolted by something. After a short while, a pale white line appeared near to the bottom of the screen and shivered up and down about a third of the screen. The download then crashed. After running a virus checker just in case (i have a firewall) I found a trojan, entitled PSW.Generic2.KRK and my checker said it had removed a file called tt.exe. This didn't stop the screen problems though.

I'm not sure whether the trojan has messed something up, or whether it was just a coincidence that the weird graphics effects started. If the latter, could anyone advise me whether its likely to be the monitor, or the graphics card? Both are about 2-3 years old. I'm guessing one or the other is on its way out :o(

The monitor is a CRT Mitsubishi Damond Pro 930 (i've tried degaussing it) and the graphics card is a Radion X800 XT PE.