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05-03-2007, 07:06 PM
I have been having a weird problem with my phone/internet since changing to Xtra in January.

My internet will disconnect and a few seconds later the telephone will ring a few times, but at random lengths of time and random ring patterns.

I had been with Xtra about a year ago and had the free Dlink 302G modem, then changed to Xnet and kept using the same modem without any problems at all - except by the end of last year it was starting to disconnect a lot, but no phone rings.
Then I changed to Xtra in January and since using the new modem and their service, it has been doing weird things.

Now after a LOT of long gripes to the 'technicians' at Xtra, I finally got a hold of someone polite and helpful. They did a line test and found the line was faulty out on the road. So they came and fixed it and asked if I were still having the problems.

I was, so he said perhaps it was a faulty modem - I sent that one back and the problem didnt totally stop, but certainly didnt do it anywhere near as much.

Now I have moved to Xnet after the downfall of Go Large, and have been having the problem worse again.

Has anyone else experienced this? The first 'tech' at Xtra I talked to wouldnt believe it was anything to do with them and asked if i was blaming them for me getting crank calls.
So either I have another faulty modem, or perhaps it is my cordless phone with the problem? I will try find a phone to test and use on the line.
I have filters installed on all the jacks in use.
If getting a better modem will fix it, I will because I wanted to get a Linksys or Speedtouch anyway - I just want to be sure it will fix the problem.


Graham L
05-03-2007, 07:16 PM
If your only phone is a cordless one, it could easily misbehave and cause problems. It has a transmitter and a reciever which use RF. Although the frequencies should be well away from the ADSL frequencies, the receiver might not be very selective, and the transmitter might also be a bit naughty. Try a "real" phone.

05-03-2007, 07:18 PM
Eliminate the cordless phone first, some older ones were low frequency, and the ADSL signal is into the RF spectrum.

If we knew the make/model of phone it would help (a 2.4 or 1.9 GHz one should not show any side effects, as an example)

05-03-2007, 07:38 PM
I doubt changing modems will help.

Start by unplugging everything except the modem and one phopne - make it a normal cord phone even if you have to borrow one.

See how that goes.

If OK, add your original devices back one at a time and note which one causes the problems.

If none, harass Telecom again. Just remember you never ask a Telecom person, you tell them.