View Full Version : Win98 Shutdown Problems after Using IE5.5

11-02-2001, 03:26 PM
I seem to have a consistent little problem, in that everytime I spend any length of time surfing the net and then fininsh up and go to shutdown it hangs at the classic Windows 98 is shutting down. At no other time does this occur. I have applied the shutdown patch and had a quick run through of the Microsoft page on general Win98 shutdown problems but it is only in this situation that this occurs. Cannot find anything under IE info pages either.
Any ideas anyone?

As usual thanks again in advance.
Mark T

11-02-2001, 04:37 PM
Have you downloaded the Win98 shutdown patch for networked drives?
I found I had install this patch to fix my shutdown problem.

11-02-2001, 07:39 PM
Thanks for your response Jeff.
Tell me though, is this patch applied on top of the existing shutdown patch i.e. as well? And secondly I didn't know there was a networked drives version - will search and download to disk now.
How did you find out about this one - I know my drive is not networked?