View Full Version : Battlefield 2142 Demo

23-02-2007, 05:11 PM
I recently installed the Battlefield 2142 Demo that came with the December 2006/January 07 DVD, but when I run it and try and log in for the first time it tells me that no user exists with my username

Then when I go to Create New, it tells me (after a while) 'server timed out'.

I know it has been enabled Internet Access in my Firewall. I have also told my router to redirect all external port access to the computer in question, just in case (BF2142 requires a total of 13 Ports to be open, and 3 port ranges)

I've even tried that temporarily with the firewall disabled and port redirect from the router active (possibly one of the most unwise moves ever)

I know I have an EA Games account (Battlefield 2 recognises it), but Account Recovery doesn't work (says no user exists for the email I provide)

Could someone help me, please... Either by telling me how I can bypass EA Login (Since I just want to play on local network) or telling me how I can fix this problem.

A side note: I am downloading BF2142 1.10 patch, but I don't know if it'll work for the demo, or only the full version.