View Full Version : Windows Media Player Wont Play

02-02-2007, 11:57 AM
:) Hi everyone.
Hope someone may have an answer or be able to advise me in some way.
I have the latest windows media palyer on mt PC at home.
I cannot get it to play ant music or sounds at all.
It just comes up with an error message stating I may not have the right soundcard.So In not sure why that message has come up.
The windows media programme worked well till then.
It will play dvd with out sound .
Will not play cd as the same error comes up.

Can anyone adivise of a download to add what might be missing from the windows media programme?



02-02-2007, 12:40 PM
In Media player go to Tools/Options/Devices/Speakers/Properties. and check that you have an entry for Audio Device. There is a drop down box that should have your device listed. If no device is listed go to START/Settings/Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager and scroll down to "sound video and game controllers" if you see any yellow "!"s that is where your problem lies click on that and look at properties. You may have to re-install the driver.
Then you may be able to play your "Ant Music", whatever that is. ;-)