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Happy Harry
29-01-2007, 07:38 PM
Hi Guys
I have read the previous thread re "Multimedia Audio Contoller".\
I have a different issue
Clean XPPro SP2 install ASUS P4S800-MX Mobo
Start/Settings?Control Panel/System-Hardware tab-Decice Manager-Other Devices.
Yellow Question mark over "Multimedia Audio Contoller"
Right Click-Properties Device Status says"The driver for this device is not installed (code 28)
Details tab-Device Instance ID shows
I assumed that this was a bad audio driver and downloaded from the ASUS
site SoundMax Audio driver Version for W98/ME/2K/XP
There is an install file but this literally does nothing when selected
If I try to load the driver by browsing to the folder, there are no drivers seen to be selected.

Am I missing something?

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Speedy Gonzales
29-01-2007, 08:20 PM
If there's an exe file in that zip file u downloaded, extract whats in the zip file.

And run the setup, or install.exe file in it.

It'll install the drivers.

Some drivers have exe install files, which saves u going to the device manager and browsing to a folder and selecting the inf file.

And since you've just reinstalled XP install the motherboard drivers first, before anything else.

29-01-2007, 08:21 PM
Got to Device Manager.
Right Click the Item - select Update driver, don't let windows do it - point it to the folder where the unzipped files are (the Win2K/XP subfolder) and it should do it.
There are driver files there - the .inf files.

Happy Harry
29-01-2007, 08:48 PM
Hi again

Thanks guys (Speedy & PCTEC)

I had already done what you guys advised.

What I have just done , is deleted the device, powered off, repowered and when Widows found the new device, I browsed to the correct driver and away it went.

Go figure

Thanks again and keep smilimg.