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24-01-2007, 07:08 AM
Hi guys

The One Who Rules this morning told me to do something quickly so that her laptop (with wireless capability) can get connected to BB. Obviously we are talking wireless and I've searched the posts for models of routers, etc. I just think it can't be that easy - a wireless modem, a PC-card for my PC and that's all? I've got the propensity to b*gger things up (as you would know by now) so I presume installing, etc is quite easy? Any "Wireless for dummies" out there?

A short one re my propensity mentioned above - had to install a DVD recorder to The One's TV/Sound system. Oh b*gger, what a struggle. After two days I "invited" a knowledgable friend over for tea, and he graciously offered to help. A few hours later, everything honkey dorey. But I learned my lesson - I tagged every flippin cable, made drawings of everything and kind of took down what he did with the programming of the TV. Hopefully I will be able to do it myself next time.


24-01-2007, 10:37 AM
Wireless Broadband is a tad different to the wireless connectivity (a/b/g) that many laptops now come with.

Telecom, Vodaphone and Woosh all do wireless BB (with differences in speed and cost). Generally, all that is required, after outlaying great wodges of cash to buy the PC card/Vodem, is to follow the instructions and install the drivers from the CD that will be supplied with the equipment and everything will work. Then you just have to worry about the excessive monthly bills (with Telecom and Vodaphone anyway)...

The other alternative is a wired BB solution with a wireless router - which is possibly the solution you are looking for. So long as She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed doesn't take the laptop too far from the wireless router, she will still be able to connect. Just be aware that this solution is not true BB, since the connection speed will be the max allowable by the a/b/g wireless method used, not the potential max speed of the wired BB connection...

24-01-2007, 11:37 AM
Woosh is still restricted in location, if you move out of your perimeter you will have internet roaming fees.

Telecom. They do have a Wifi one thou maybe limited coverage so not need extra modem. $9.95/hr. I think they also have wireless jetstream, if its any different. Which is priced like Woosh but prices may be diff, and it need unique equip from Telecom like antennas and stuff.

If you are a Telecom customer right now (Xtra) they have some special plans like free to end of Dec 07 for Wifi wireless.

Voda has Vodem which has a monthly plan but the cap is small and if you go over you pay for it. They also have cellular which is more expensive, it goes via your phone or via a PC Card. I think it may be where its available maybe slower on the GPRS I believe, however if you wish to get Vodem which is the cheaper option its only 3G coverage areas. I know a friend who has a 3G phone but at home he cannot access 3G :D Voda does have a 3G modem wireless router .. Overall wireless can be more expensive and less speed. I say 'can' b/c there are some pple on ADSL on real shocking speeds.


24-01-2007, 11:49 AM
Actually, if you have a look at their website now Nomad, wandering souls like ye will find that they have actually taken away those roaming charges.

"Telecommunications innovator Woosh has now made it even easier to wander by making the cost of roaming free with their Woosh Wireless broadband internet service nationwide."


24-01-2007, 11:54 AM
I'll take your word for it :D

Here is a link for the Voda wireless router, its just a Linksys router that supports a laptop PC Card, the Voda modem is a PC Card.

Managing 250kb/sec to 380kb/sec it says. My ADSL on a non unlimited plan only get 60-80 or up to 260 with download accelerator.

I arn't sure. The PC Cards support GPS and GPRS, so I guess you can access both price charts. Vodem is 3G only. A cellphone that is 3G you might be able to access both prices as well, not sure on that, restricted to coverage I guess.

24-01-2007, 12:47 PM
So all I need is this router "Linksys WRT54G3G 3G/UMTS Wireless Router Review" and Bob's your uncle? What about me own PC then?


Graham L
24-01-2007, 03:03 PM
And a lot of money to pay for the bandwidth. That looks to be aimed at using a cellphone broadband connection. :(

I guess that you have an ADSL connection through the phoneline to your desktop, and you want to share that connection with the laptop.

You could fit a PCI (or even an external (USB) WiFi "card" in the desktop and use the MS ISC software.

You could replace an ADSL modem with a modem/router/access point, which would be the "proper" way.

You might even have a modem router, and could add a switch and a WiFi access point, or even just a switch and an extra Ethernet cable to the laptop (ignoring its WiFi capability).

24-01-2007, 03:51 PM
What is your situation Sarel?

If you want something good and cheap and sort of wireless. You can use your current phoneline for ADSL, your phoneline will be always free. Get yourself a wireless router with a included modem for under $200 and you are sweet. The laptop has wireless so that is fine. You can leave the router on forever and internet is always on wherever you are around your house provided you are not too far away. Get a good router so it does not lose a connection. Also don't get a unlimited plan :p

If you are wanting to use BB at more than one location or around the city/country then you can look at the real wireless solutions.

I find it quite easy to install. Connect network cable (maybe wireless?), and type in a IP number (in the manual) and choose the settings your ISP gave you, most times you don't need to, you just need to pop in the username and password (by your ISP), tick enable firewall. On the laptop you can scan for wireless hotspots, you will pick it up automatically .. then it should flash and say connected to access point (router) and have access to internet. Immediately you can double click IE and go surfing or double click OE and do emailing.

You should enable encryption as well, first pop it in the router. When you first connect to the router for net or what .. you are requested this passsword, type it in .. and it is autosaved. It won't ever ask you again. If you want go back in and hide your SSID so when pple scan it they cannot see you. You should also change the router's softwares login name and password.

For your PC, you can install a PCI Card inside the computer or get a USB device. Generally you install the software first and then install the card. Then a bootup everything is working.

24-01-2007, 04:06 PM
In the future you won't need to search for hotspots, it will just work from last time, straight after boot up, just hit IE or OE or what software you have.

Don't worry if you can type messages on this forum, then you can install it. When I first got BB like a month ago, I never had wireless, my old laptop didn't even have it. I didn't know how to pop the settings in the router, I thought it was like dialup modem that I had to install the driver and run "Create new connection" :D I would get a Linksys v easy menu system for the setup of the router and v stable. Get the same wireless device for the PC as the same brand as the router/modem.

The beauty of a modem/router with a network cable is that no software is required to install.

24-01-2007, 07:18 PM

what is your current method of connecting to the Internet?

Also does the One Who Rules want to be connected at home only or anywhere in the country? (BIG difference in costs here.)

24-01-2007, 08:04 PM
Currently BB via Xtra, the old Adventure plan, plain modem. (And yes, I installed it myself, without problems). Will probably switch to another ISP in the near future as I do not use 10 Gigs, and the son (main user) has left the house, and his servants, and his 10Gig BB. Probably changing to Clear or XNet.

The One Who Rules wants to access it BB only at home (2 storey house, BB upstairs, The One usually working downstairs), and with my house configurstion as it is another cable is a bit difficult.


24-01-2007, 09:31 PM
For Clear Net, yeah they do have less than 10Ggigs and Xnet has it. If you want bang for dollar go for Xnet b/c their plans are more flexible and they are lesser than Clear Net, I am with Xnet and for around 5.8Gigs I pay $39.95, if I not use all of it .. they won't even bill me all of it, it happens automatically. I pay $33.95 and then $1 per GB. Rounded to the MB or billed to the closet cent. No connection fees with Xnet and no contracts. No need to switch tolls.

For Clear Net there is a contract, if you choose not, I think there is connection fees and you lose out in the free modem. If you bought say 4GB and you dont use it all, they don't transfer it to the next month or give you a refund. You have to switch your tolls to them AND you have to use least $10 of toll calls, if you do not there is a surcharge. If you made no tolls, you pay $10 more, if you made $8 rolls, they make you pay $2.

If ADSL is all you want, just buy a wireless router, under $150. Connect the modem to that .. or you can get a $180 ADSL modem with wireless feature.

Laptop probably have wireless already.
For the PC just buy a wireless device.

What I have is, top floor in my room laptop connected to modem wireless router and downstairs I have a PC someone else's. Connection is more than enof, usually getting a 54Mbit, but it can fluctuate to 34Mbit. If I copy a 1GB file it may take 20mins, cable takes around 4mins I think.

25-01-2007, 06:33 AM
Thanks guys and Nomad. Will "consult" with the One Who Decides. Will keep you guys updated on progress if the normal thing happens (a b*ggerup)


25-01-2007, 01:22 PM
Also, how do you determine which brand has the stronger signal of the wireless routers - friends of us got a cheapish brand and She Who Decides says her friend's laptop loses signal all the time and that she would rather pay more and get a good signal (and faster d/l's) all the time. And it should not be too expensive. Damn, tough to please, aye.


25-01-2007, 02:12 PM
Not sure how one determines a good one.
I go with the word of mouth. I use Linksys and its been pretty stable. I can say from my layout I am getting mostly 54Mbit my computer is here and the other is right a floor underneath (directly).

I think a good one is that its reliable, easy to use, instant access to the net and printers and shared files. Its not temperamental.

However if you are disconnecting, it can be the layout of your place. I would download "Dr TCP" and run it at each computer and type a setting of 17520 for TCP Receive Window and 1500 for MTU. This may make it more stable. If it is the layout of your place maybe extra boosters placed around the house.

25-01-2007, 02:33 PM
Now for the true test - I have to go and do it. B*gger.


25-01-2007, 03:29 PM
Linksys routers are some of the best. Nomad is correct in that they have great service and dead easy to set-up. Good connection speeds too.