View Full Version : [Auckland LAN] BGLan #08, Three days + Free Pizza!

10-01-2007, 01:00 PM
The Battlegrounds LAN, otherwise known as BGLan, is a medium sized event which caters towards the LAN goer. We are mostly a gaming lan, and are having a big three day event, with free pizza!

Prepaid entry fee: $25
At the door entry fee: $30
Guest/Observer fee: $0

Prepays close: Wednesday, January 31st
Event Starts: Friday 2nd of February, 8 PM
Event Ends: Sunday 4th of February, 3 PM

Health at Apollo, Corner of Apollo Drive and Rosedale Road, Mairangi Bay. Maps up on website. Apollo Drive has been opened for use by the general public! You can now come via Rosedale Road or Apollo Drive. We also have PLENTY of parking. There's a subway down the road, and a rather excellent cafe downstairs.

Tournaments will be decided at event, we have nothing planned currently.

CoD2, CoH, Flatout2, Warsow, UT2k4, Trackmania Nations, FEAR:Combat, The Ship, CSS, Starcraft and DotA see play, and something similar to that will be played this time

We will have an internet connection available. There will also be a DC hub running to facilitate the quick sharing of game patches(This comes in handy, it's easy and quick to grab them off of our fileserver). Our network is fully gigabit.

We will be selling drinks/food onsite, any profit from those goes to paying back our network gear and supports the event. We will also be getting Pizza Hut pizza delivered, which will be free. On 9AM Saturday morning, we tend to flood the cafe downstairs. Expect a huge social breakfast with 20-30 people. Bring $10-$20 to feed yourself. We've got a 10% discount with said cafe too.

We would very much appreciate anyone from these forums to come. We're expecting to full our maximum capacity of 70 for this event again, so reserve yourself a spot and save some cash!

What to bring:

Visit us at www.bglan.co.nz

What not to bring:
- Alcohol
- Drugs
- Cigarettes(Smokers can bring these, but they have to go fully off the premises to smoke.)

We cannot allow any of the above mentioned at the event because that's the rules that were set down upon us for the venue, plus they tend to lessen the fun others have.