View Full Version : A Question on AGP-PCI Frequency??

07-01-2007, 06:12 PM
just a question on what the agp/pci frequency does to ones computer;
i notice that when i raise the FSB from 200 to 240(maxed out), on my skt754 asus K8T800 board with a lowly sempron 2500,
and manually set the pci-agp frequency to 66-33.. the computer won't boot at all, no POST, just got a 'no signal input' on the screen! therefore the only way to get the thing working again is to reset the cmos jumper.. does this mean that my board dosent have an AGP-PCI lock??

thanks for your help in advance

07-01-2007, 07:41 PM
Well first of all raising the FSB like that it stupid, no wonder it is not booting, you can't OC a CPU THAT far straight off with out some tweaking with RAM latencies and dividers (possibly) and voltage to the CPU... take it in little steps... 5MHz steps... till you reach instability and then fix that instability by raising the CPU voltage SLOWLY (or other means)...

This has NOTHING to do with the AGP-PCI lock

You are asking a 1400MHz CPU to run at 1680MHz off the bat with no other tweaking? if so you are really asking a pig to fly...

08-01-2007, 09:40 AM
it seems to work when I use that AI overclock thing thats built into my asus board, to 10%. that makes my sempron go from 1.4ghz to 1.54.. but the trouble is, the AI overclock makes the AGP frequency jump to 73mhz! according to clockgen, but the computer has no stability issues, i still play FEAR and BF2 with no problem, (not much difference from 1.4ghz really), the 2 X 512 Adata ddr400 ram also runs 10% overclocked, and everything is stable, pretty remarkable for 5ns ram chips..

so everything seems fine right?, but it dosent seem so when i hear a high pitched buzzing noise comming form inside the chassis when i run 3dmark 03, which isnt usually there :groan: when im on the desktop or running BF2.. im not quite sure which component it is thats buzzing, its not the buzzer, or the speaker as my computer dosent have any of those,
im assuming its the hard drive :dogeye: or the power supply.. im also assuming that the high AGP or PCI frequency is causing this..

any idea what the noise is there for, and should i be worried?

by the way, i currently reverted to default overclocking settings just to be safe :rolleyes:

(ive currently got a seagate ST380022A, a hyena 300w psu, Gecube 9600xt, sempron 2500 in amd's stock hsf. in an asus k8t800 chipset, k8v-mx)