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29-12-2006, 10:55 AM
Hi, I know someone who is looking into it.
Its for his main room. I have no experience with it. I know with my Sony TV 24inch CRT type. When surround sound is turned on the background noise can overpower the speech of the actors. So we tend to turn surround off.

I have not tried real theatre speakers like 5.1 or 6.1.
My question is, how much does one need to spend so that the "odd" family can appreciate surround sounds? He does not want to spend more than $2000 and perhaps he can squeeze it to $2500 (that's my guess). So I said to him get the all in one units given how much he has to spend because the receiver units can be $1500 and then the speakers $1500 (if not more). I also suggested to him, maybe he can get a DVD Player with 5.1 builtin rather than a digital output port to the receiver. It just saves the expense of the receiver when he does not have much to spend.

I think its out of his price range of $2000, he has been looking at Onkyo receivers, Denon, Black and White and then the speakers to top it up. The DVD Player can be outside of this price bracket.

(2). At the stereo stores - the specialists, I take it they have $3000 units or up? I mean receiver and speaker setups.

(3). For a question for myself, I read that Bose is overrated but the quality per see is not that bad for the average consumer and they are quite small. Is small speakers able to provide decent sound for the home family? So the speakers are not so dominant in the family lounge. It could be Cambridge satellite speakers or JVC or Sony or computer speakers like Creative or Logitec or Altec Lansing ... - TV setup or computer setup - the computer probably has a decent sound card by Creative Labs.

(4). For the family or person in his own room is it ok to spend $800-1200 for speakers be it TV or computer? I take it $500 is shaky but how decent is it say computer games and DVD movies?

What are your thoughts. Thanks for your time.

29-12-2006, 12:03 PM
Hi Nomad

Is the budget just for receiver, speakers and DVD player?

I would suggest staying away from the home-theatre-in-a-box solution. They just can't compete for quality IMO.

If he is looking at Onkyo, Denon and B&W then I agree $2000 is too small of a budget. I just bought a new Onkyo receiver for my home theatre set-up and the receiver was almost $2300 by itself.

However - you can get some good packages with a home theatre receiver and the Wharfedale Diamond 9 speakers for a pretty good price these days. They are worth looking at as they always get good reviews and at an extremely good price point. See here:


and here


At $1599 he still has $400 left over for a DVD player which is easily achievable.

Small speakers can't compete with big speakers - not so bad if all you are going to do is use them fro movie soundtracks as the subwoofer will hide the shortcomings, but if you want to use them for listening to music in a purely stereo mode then you will regret buying the small home thetare in a box solutions.

Bose are good at what they do - hide the speakers and provide an adequate sound but for the same points above - smaller has restrictions (and the Bose are overpriced).

As for computer speakers - I am going to get the Altec Lansing MX5021 set. They are a 2.1 and sound amazing for the price of mid to high $200. I have had the 5.1 setup on the computer and find the extra channels are wasted for day to day use and gaming etc.


29-12-2006, 12:36 PM
Hmm... for him. He said $2000 max. I would he may get to $2500 if I push it. But I don't think neither is enof. $2000 he said is for speakers and the receiver. DVD Player can be outside of that.

He has been looking at prices overseas and may get some stuff there. He said some receivers are $1000USD equiv., so I said to him if he wanted to save money with caveat emptor (warranties, import tax at airport) etc., he can get the receiver there and get the bulky speakers here (and the woofer) and get the DVD Player here as they are v cheap now.

29-12-2006, 03:11 PM
I have to agree with Tukapa. Don't go down the road of "home-theatre-in-a-box solution". If he is serious about quality then his budget might be a little on the tight side. Buy a good quality receiver (I have a Onkyo) and then save for good speakers that can be added into the mix at a later stage.

Those Bose systems still have me amazed at the bang they can put out of such tiny speakers.

29-12-2006, 03:16 PM
I just bought a Sony 6.1 unit for about $1500. Before I bought it I compared it to the Pioneer units at twice the price but to my ear and a couple of good audio CDs the Sony sounded the best. Now it's set up and calibrated I would recomend it..

I personally believe that the likes of Bose are way over priced for what they are..