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29-12-2006, 04:00 AM
I purchased the above laptop with [Advent 7081] a year ago and have had no problems with it up until now. The night before it stopped working, i turned the laptop off and when i went to turn it on the next day it just wouldn't turn on and will not show any signs of charging. As soon as i noticed that it may not be fixable, i went to my local PC World [place of purchase] and told them about my troubles. They told me that it would cost as it was 3 days after the warrenty ended. Before paying that amount of money to fix it I thought i would see if you had any suggestions that i could try?
Thanks for any help.

29-12-2006, 06:38 AM
I am guessing you are from the UK because you mentioned the shop "PC World" which has no relation to this website or the PC World magazine in general and has cause confusion in the past with UK based members. :)

I am not sure about UK consumer laws, but here in New Zealand they cannot refuse a warranty issue because the warranty lapsed only days before. It comes under reasonable life expectancy.

Have a look around this UK website Office of Fair Trading - Consumer Rights (http://www.oft.gov.uk/Consumer/default.htm) and Consumer Direct (http://www.consumerdirect.gov.uk/index.shtml), which is consumer support funded by the UK Government. You could contact the later to see what UK rights you have regarding a warranty that has just expired.