View Full Version : What Is A "Session" In Real Time?

27-12-2006, 07:41 PM
I realize this is a juvenile question..but then again...I am regressing rapidly..:blush:

Just what is a "session" in the terms of when I am using Firefox and allow cookies for this one session only?

Is this a total reboot of the puter or just closing all the Firefox windows and starting all over again with a clean window?

27-12-2006, 08:04 PM
The duration of having Firefox open, that's a session.

Graham L
28-12-2006, 01:44 PM
It might also be a sequence of transactions with a particular site. I suppose it's a bit hard to define when such a sequence terminates, so it might be a period between starting and terminating Firefox. This would mean that Firefox would clear the cookie file when it starts up (probably). Just closing all windows ("sessions" ? :D ) might not be enough, though perhaps that could be a reasonable indication that a sessioin has terminated.

However, a session on PressF1 would be the time between logging on and logging out. That is what is called a "session" in any multiuser system. Logging on and off are clear delimiters.

28-12-2006, 07:20 PM
With Firefox it is when you shut down the browser completely (of course not just minimised to the tray) It is not necessary to reboot computer but be aware that if you have Firefox preloader installed it keeps running in the background and Firefox doesn't actually shut down unless you also exit f/fox preloader as well.

At the end of a session your history, cookies etc are normally dumped (depending on how you've set the parameters in F/fox)

If you have two or more instances of F/fox up and running at the same time (that's two or more showing in the task bar maxed or minnied) and you shut one down F/fox acts as if the 'session' for the 1st one shut down is still going... confused? Nah :D