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John W
25-12-2006, 09:48 AM
Hi there

Having recently opened a Gmail account, Im having a little trouble mass mailing from a CSV file.

With the two clubs I look after, members supply email addresses through a website for occasional new items, details of which are stored in a CSV file.

When I use Gmail and paste their email addresses in the To or BCC line, Im unable to send them, unless I place a comma and space after evey email address. I can do this manually, but one list has 400 addresses which is a little tedious.

Im after a method where I can import the CSV file into an app, then have a comma and space added following each email address.

I then save the resultant file in Notepad, where I can edit/copy/paste the entire list into Gmail To/BCC lines.

I dont want to add these members to my Gmail address book where my own personal addresses are stored.


John in Mosgiel.

25-12-2006, 12:55 PM
Word can do search and replace.
Open a copy of the csv file as text - i.e. don't import into a Word .doc
Then Find and Replace - search for "paragraph mark" which is listed under 'special', replace with comma space. And then save - still with same .csv name. I'm assuming that you have only the one line per person e.g. name@isp.co.nz since this wouldn't be practical on a csv listing of all fields since comma space may already exist in street addresses.
Best to use a copy of the original until you're certain that it works.
Hope that helps,
Happy Christmas!