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24-12-2006, 05:01 PM
We've used AmiPro for many years but after the installation of AmiPro on Windows XP Pro, our printer (HP 880C) won't work. I've searched the web to no avail. Can anyone help by any chance?

Thank you.


24-12-2006, 09:28 PM
Never heard of the application, but a bit of searching shows it is quite old. It has now become Lotus Word Pro. Because of its age it may not be compatible with WinXP.

There are other open source free word processing applications you can use instead if you wish. A standalone word processer such as AbiWord (http://www.abisource.com/) or OpenOffice (http://www.openoffice.org/) which is an office suite that includes word processing, are both good examples. :)

For your current problem, try uninstalling AmiPro or use System Restore to roll the system back before you installed the application to get your printer functionality back.

26-12-2006, 11:29 AM
I have installed on my XP Home box the following word processors, all of which work perfectly:
Ami Pro version 3.1, Word 98, Open Office version 2, and Word Pro.

My first choice is always Ami Pro. It may be old software but it will do things that Word won't.

Although it is a 16 bit application it doesn't copy any files to any other directory other than its installation directory, it is extremely well behaved and I have used it under WIN 95, Win ME as well as WinXP.

The problems you are experiencing are not due to Ami Pro. Have you tried setting the Compatability Mode to an earlier version of Windows?

12-01-2007, 02:47 PM
Just seen your plea for help - sorry it's been so long and hope my reply is still helpful. I had the same problem and cried myself to sleep many a time over the inability to print from amipro in windows XP sp2

I don't care that it's an old piece of software - it's still breezing through things that m$ word users around me are amazed by.

The solution to your printing problem is to go in the amipro menu to tools/ user setup/ options and there disable 'print in backgrouind'.

Easy peasy - thanks to Chris Newton and http://www.zisman.ca/Articles/1991-92/OCP_AmiPro.html where I found this information myself.

Long live google and forums like this!!!

Oh and long live AmiPro - just for starters, can you make a list in any other word processor and change the order of items with just your left thumb on the alt key and right fingers on the arrows?

12-01-2007, 02:54 PM
OpenOffice 2.0 for me. I don't like hassels when printing, I also try and aviod paying MS for their Office software.