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16-12-2006, 07:26 PM
This is the first time I have had overheating problems with any computer, so I am wondering what to do.
I notice that afer a good sesion in MS Flight Sim my computer just shuts off. The temps as shown by Everest are CPU 59, GPU 57, and motherboard as 32.
Room temp is 23 degrees.

My default bios setting for temps is 60.
So I assume it is the temp that is shutting me down.

I have just the standard heat sink. My Liam Li case hase the default fans, and no provision for adding another.

I am thinking of getting a Zalman Fatal1ty FS-C77, CPU Cooler, P4 & Athlon64, Red LED.

Or is there a better one??????

16-12-2006, 07:40 PM
System specs would be good...

Those temps are a little toasty... suggest you try removing the side of the case and see if that helps at all.

Could just be bad or no airflow within the case.



16-12-2006, 10:03 PM
Temps are fine, raise the limit you have imposed on it and carry on.

Its only the onset of summer that has caused this non-issue.

Personally I would disable the heat-cut off altogether (but thats just me).

16-12-2006, 10:24 PM
Make sure there is no dust build up on the CPU etc…

16-12-2006, 11:09 PM
My CPU hits 55 MAX and that is stock cooling and overclocked.

GPU, there is nothing wrong with that, I hit 93C tonight, the slowdown is 115 (for mine).

Also I do not see why you have said take the side off chiefnz, I took mine off and it INCREASED my temps by 2-3C

All these were taken in a 24C room

*thinks how low temps will be with water cooling (getting next week :D)*

I suggest the Zalman CNP9500LED, that is one of the best (if not the best) HSF

16-12-2006, 11:20 PM
Well, seeing as your temperture sensors are uncalibrated then your indivudual readings are worth didly squat, as long as your system isn't reporting an absurd temp or locking up/crashing (and Im referring to a real lock up/crash, not one caused by an articial cap reliebnt on a sensor garenteed to give a faulty report) then you have nbothing to worry about.

Run your comp hard (and Flight Sim will pound your cpu) and it will get hot, This isn't a bad thing, Its the naturel working of your comp.

Having said that, all this and more has been covered in geat detail in these forums in the past, surely you guys retain some knowledge?

16-12-2006, 11:41 PM
Indeed, dust build up can and WILL increase the temperature. Especially if you have a non-filter side-fan. My stock Intel heatsink collects thick dust in every 1.5 months or so, requiring me to get the vacuum out. From an idle temp of 38 degrees, the CPU (Pentium D 930) can go as high as 48 degrees while idle. 10 degrees increase!!!

The Vantec LED PCI fan card is very good also for most video cards. I have used to have an X800 PRO whose cover I took off. With cover off, the wind blown by the PCI fan card also cools the copper heatsink of the card, cooling it by a further 2 degrees (up to 6 degrees at full speed). I now have an X850XT PE, and although I haven't tried removing the PCI fan card, I know that the cool air from the bottom of the case blown onto the card will go through the X850XT PE heatsink and out of the case. I'm going to try remove the PCI fan card for two days, to see if the temp of the card rises. If yes, I'll keep the fan card. If not, I'll probably sell it on trademe.

17-12-2006, 06:27 AM
Also I do not see why you have said take the side off chiefnz, I took mine off and it INCREASED my temps by 2-3CThat's to be expected. Taking the side off the case will decrease the flow of air. The only way for it to be helpful would be to aim an external fan into the innards.