View Full Version : Flash8 - how to turn a swf file into a weblink

John W
16-12-2006, 12:21 PM
Hi there

Well, Ive three problems really, the easiest first.

Ive made a swf file, Id like to be able to turn it into a link anywhere through the movie. How do I go about doing this please?

Secondly, Ive made another 15sec .swf movie, listing varoius sponsors in turn. How can I make it, so that when the current Sponsor is displayed, a mouse click on the movie will take it to that sponsors website?

Finally - On another fla file, Im running into trouble, getting a 2nd image to move on top the background image. Ive converted both images to graphics, sent the larger to the Background, but still can get the smaller image to move on top of the larger (backgrond) image. It moves behind the larger background image. I can get Text to move just fine, but I cant work out what im doing wrong with the smaller image.

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