View Full Version : Mouse and Keyboard Silliness

28-01-2001, 01:56 PM
Hi there,

I'm the proud owner of a (now rather sage) Toshiba Sattelite Pro 420CDT. The machine specs are : Pentium 100, 24MB RAM, 1.2GB HD, 11 inch TFT screen, Accupoint Trackpoint, External MS Wheel Mouse, 2MB C&T Graphics Accelerator, SB compatible sound, etc. It is running Win 98 2nd Ed, with MS Office 97, IE 5, etc. At default bootup, the only programs running are Explorer, the System Tray and RamBooster 1.6 (memory defragger/optimiser/cleaner). Now comes my problem. About 4 months ago, i took it on a trip with me, and when i returned, the mouse cursor started behaving erratically. It would start to drift all over the screen, and any attempt to bring it back to a center position stalled it while the mouse was being moved but after that it just continued heading off at a greater speed. Eventually it would end up on an edge of the screen and refuse to budge, though it would skip erratically if you moved the mouse. Disabling the Accupoint and setting up the wheel mouse as a standard serial mouse corrected this (i prefer to use a standard mouse over the accupoint) mostly. However, it seems to be something wrong with the PS2 subsystem, as if i plug the wheel mouse into the PS2 port as opposed to using the adapter and putting into the COM1 serial port, the same behaviour is replicated. If i use the Microsoft Mouse Drivers that come with the wheel mouse, the same thing happens, the only way i can get it to stop is to set up a standard serial mouse and disable all others that it detects, like Toshiba Accupoint and MS Intellipoint Mouse w/ Wheel. The mouse works fine now, but now the keyboard sometimes for no reason decides to lock up, and i think it may be related. It just locks up, wont type or recognise anything, but the system is still working and i can use the mouse to save, shut down, etc, and reboot, whereupon the keyboard works fine until the next incident. I'm a final year computing degree student so i've done the obvious (checked out the toshiba website, newsgroups, help sites, etc, and virus scanned the machine multiple times with McAffee, Norton AV and ThunderByte) but all to no avail. Any help you could offer would be GREATLY appreciated as i'm completely stymied. It's a little bit ego bruising when you can confidently set up large office networks, etc, but are unable to control your own notebook :) Thanks for any help you can offer...