View Full Version : How MSI Smart Monitor saved my bacon

29-11-2006, 09:36 PM
This is a synopsis that occured this week.

I had a SATA HDD which failed intermittently, so I had it replaced under warranty. After reloading all the files to the new one via my desktop (where I had them stored), I reinstalled the drive into my HTPC, moving my boot IDE and another SATA drive around the bays to facilitate installation.

After completion, I put the cover back on & reconnected it back into my HT system, without checking its operation first -yeah, I know, it was the first time I had ever done this; it was a long day.

About five minutes later, I was watching TV3 sport using GB-PVR when the unit just shut down completely.

I took the cover off, and to my abject horror the CPU fan (Zalman 7000b-alcu) was not working; a wire had jammed in between the fans which I had not seen. After adjusting the wire & testing the fan manually, I tried a reboot: no power, even through the PSU.

Now, I was worried! I left it for some 15 minutes hoping the system would fire up after cooling down. I retried it & it did boot, but not into Windows.

I tried booting into DOS with my Ghost boot CD-ROM. The drive was not listed, even though the boot HDD was recognised in the BIOS.

I took it out & put it into my desktop & everything was fine. The partitions & folders were all intact. I reinstalled it into the HTPC & did a manual detect within the BIOS. I rechecked to see if it was recognised from Ghost & it was there, but would still not boot up.

I cleared CMOS from the mobo, loaded optimised defaults & Windows loaded. Everything was fine. :thumbs:

Moral of the story: don't do electronics after a long day at work; and if you have protection software like Smart monitor, set it to a safe shutdown temperature level which is what I did because it is not enabled by default. Why not? Who knows??

Now I'm after some more hardware, probably another 150MCE tuner card for the unit as I've saved some serious money.