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25-01-2001, 11:36 PM
I would like to up grade my PC a little by adding more Ram. At present I have 32MB of DIMM SDRAM and I would like to add a bit more as my children are using more memory hungry games and I have added a scanner and CD writer to the system. My system is a PC Direct Discovery 690 Pentium 2 MMX, 4.3GB Quantum HDD, 3 yrs old, running win 98, 2GB of free space. I have read in the past that adding another 32MB of ram to this system is enough, and adding any more on top of this is overkill. Is this correct and, or what is the upper limit?.The latest low prices of ram have prompted me to investigate this. What is the difference in the latest ram to the ram I have at present?. I note that memory now is described as eg. 32MB SDRAM PC100 100Mhz or (PC133 133Mhz)with some options of AM 1 also, is any of this memory compatible or do I need to find some old redundant stock?.