View Full Version : win98 Audio Compression help

23-11-2006, 11:06 AM
I hope i do not confuse you but i am not an expert at computers so i will put this in the best way i can:

I have had a problem with the sound on some of my win 98 games, it works on some but not on the others. After searching i found out that it was because the audio compression software on my computer was missing. To install this i was told to go onto the Windows components section and tick the audio compression under multimedia. After doing this my computer kept on asking for the WIN98 CD-ROM to continue but i posted ages ago on this site saying that i could not find the CD and may not have it, but recently i have found it (i think). When the CD loads it has the option to add or remove win software which is what i want to do, but when i do this and tick the Audio Compression it says that it is not on the disk? i really dont know what to do any more? :groan:
sorry if this hasnt helped you in the slightest but if you dont know dont worry i will just leave it. Thanks for reading.