View Full Version : Are cookies really all that bad?

12-11-2006, 02:52 PM
So what if a cookie reveals that I have Firefox, WinXP and live in NZ? Do they show anything else that people may not want to be known? Don't cookies allow, for example, NZ-based adverts or other adverts that relate to the general topic of sites that are viewed? I only surf to news, tech sites, YouTube, and the odd Google search.

When I run Spybot, these 3 cookies appear:
Advertising.com, AveA,Inc, and MediaPlex.
The Details section of Spybot does not show anything of great concern.

Are some cookies nasty?

Terry Porritt
12-11-2006, 03:28 PM
The only cookies that have a usefulness, as far as I can see, are those for giving customisation to your favourite sites, like saving you having to log in each time the site is visited.

As a matter of principle I resent unwanted, unasked for junk being put on my computer, though some sites insist you have them enabled if you want to go there.

Generally though, apart from exceptions, I have Firefox set to wipe them when FF is closed.