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11-11-2006, 09:08 PM
Use xp Pro and computer is causing major problems in that when I start up computer it wont boot up. Sometimes it does a memory test and then freezes up and nothing happens and I need to push the reboot button but that doesnt help. Other times it does memory check scans drives does PMI pool data and then freezes up and once again in pushing reboot does the same thing. This happens and regardless of how many times I push reboot it wont boot up and in giving the computer case a bang it will sometims boot up but then will freeze and nothing works again. It would appear I have a major problem so is it the motherboard or CPU that needs to be replaced. I have just reformated the drive and installed a fresh version of Xp but still the problem exists. I have only Xp on the computer as I thought it may be software but with only XP installed and drivers for motherboard sound card mouse keyboard still problem exists. Can anyone help please

11-11-2006, 11:52 PM
Worth a try - go into the BIOS by re-booting and pressing the delete button. When there, go to "load optimised defaults" (or something like that) and enter. Scroll to "save and exit".
I had something similar when I had been over-clocking and the weather got very hot.

12-11-2006, 05:31 AM
yeh also get hold of a boot diagnostic cd and run memtest or similar ram test and an harddrve diagnostic program there's NO point in just GUESSING that it might be the motherboard or cpu you got to get LOGICAL and eliminate the various hardware bits in order to get to the bottom. Also you could take a look at the capacitors on the board to check they're not failing.