View Full Version : Dual Boot: Vista RC1 and Win XP

21-10-2006, 11:13 AM
i just recent put on Vista RC1, after a while i realise i still need to use XP, is there a way of putting Xp on so can multiboot? I do have an additional HDD in the machine but installing Xp would screw up the Vista boot wouldnt it?

Help appreciated

21-10-2006, 11:37 AM
No, it is fine, I have done it and am running it at this time and works fine... all you have to do is install one OS (no matter which) to what ever HDD/partition you want and then install the other on a different HDD/partition but both partitions must be primary for it to work, I am not sure about different HDDs though, once both are installed (the OSes are completely invisible to each other but you can still see the files on the other OS) you turn on the PC and you get a screen asking which OS you want to boot to select which ever you want and you are away.

27-10-2006, 03:24 PM
AMD Athlon 3200, 2Gb, XP Pro
Downloaded RC1 and made an iso copy. All very easy, even for me. I cleared out a 35G partition on a separate hdd and installed. Went very slowly with the installation sticking at 32% for an age, then it shot up to 80% and continued quickly from there on.
When I do a reboot, the default is to Vista and you need to tab down to go back to "Previous Windows installation".
Couldn't get an internet connection so (after much messing around) I put my adsl modem drivers in and Vista found them. Still only running on USB mode, but I'll sort that out, later - how hard can that be? Put on System Suite 7 as my AV, Firewall and utilities, no probs. Office 2003 good. Printed fine, able to play music but not sure from where.
I need a rainy day for a good play to install other apps and do hardware checks. Running XP as usual, right now.