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20-10-2006, 11:52 AM
OK, I have a fairly new computer, Windows XP home, 160GB SATA HDD, 1 Gig RAM, GeForce 6600.

After opening My Videos folder and playing a few movies, I can't close the folder, task manager says explorer.exe ( not responding ). I can click "end task" and everrything works OK again.

Also happens when I go to shut down windows. Shut down pauses with close program dialogue "explorer.exe" not responding. Again I need to "end task" and it shuts down OK.

Any idea what causes this and how to fix it ?

I have run disk check, defragmented the HDD, run CCleaner, Adaware etc.
There are no other processes running in the background.

Apart from this, computer works fine, playing Doom 3 etc no problems.

I think it may be something peculiar to the my Videos folder, this has approx 30 or 40 quite large files of approx 100 MB each ( mainly .mpg music videos recorded from TV Card ). It's almost as if explorer.exe struggles to cope with this folder because of the size of the files ? ( but I could be wrong )

Any suggestions please ?


20-10-2006, 01:13 PM
I have seen this problem before, I used to have a large collection of videos (also large files 300mb+ per file) in one folder and until I could seperate them into subdirectories explorer would have the same fault as you have described.
The easiest way of doing this is to use a command line interface to create sub directories and move the files.

You may also find that the video codecs themselves are causing some problems, particularly if you have one of those evil "Codec pack's" installed. If all alse fails, uninstall the codecs and find a cleaner set of codecs.

20-10-2006, 01:23 PM
Windows Explorer has problems with very large folders and/or lots of very large files in folders so that is probably is the cause of the freezing. Splitting the contents of the folder into a few smaller ones should solve the problem.