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18-01-2001, 05:39 PM
I aren't happy at all with my computer.

It is a portable COMPAQ Presario 1245. Serial# 1V99CLR6R01E. AMD K6 (2) 333MHz CPU, 32 MB RAM, 3GB HD currently about 35 - 40% full, internal 56K modem, 24X CD ROM, EPSON 740 stylus color printer (purchased from the same store, but often they don't stock replacement ink cartridges) on USB port, Mustek 1200 III EP flatbed scanner (purchased from the same store, did not function at all until new software downloaded and installed from the internet) through Imation LS-120MB external drive (purchased from the same store) on Parallel port. 'Internet Zone' Easy Access one-touch buttons gets to internet functions.

Windows 98se, ie 5.5 and outlook express,

Bought from the St Lukes (Auckland, New Zealand) branch of Bond & Bond December 2, 1999 retailing NZ$3000. I have also bought all the peripherals (NZ$1100) mentioned above and a Sony VCR from this store (NZ$600) plus finance charges.

The machine was specifically marketed as a mobile internet PC, in which the 'Compaq Internet Zone [easy access buttons] puts the internet right at your fingertips.' In my view the presario 1245 is not a good mobile internet PC at all.

The easy access button software often fails to load (40% success) when windows starts. When it does, two of the functions F1 and F2 are reversed. The three times it has been back to Compaq Care under warranty it comes back each time with the same problem. I have been provided with two diskettes with a patch, both do not work. I downloaded the latest update from the manufacturer, this seems to have solved only the load on start-up problem (6 loads from 6 starts). The buttons are also supposed to be reprogrammable; I can only reprogram the buttons on Compaq's 'My Presario' web site.

That is, if the computer does not periodically reset itself immediately after dialling my ISP. Needless to say, Microsoft scandisk schedules itself these days.... The modem, meanwhile continues to poke out its hissing signal until the starting windows 98 screen disappears. Twice after resetting it found new hardware, the 800 x 600 laptop display panel.

The computer sometimes freezes on shutdown. I applied the windows 98 update and the computer said it did not need it.

The CD ROM drive doesn't autorun any disk inserted in the unit, even after manually unchecking and then rechecking the 'Auto inset notification' box on the settings tab of the CD ROM device manager of the system icon in control panel.

In the last 13 month I have performed 2 'full restores' (clean installs) with the CD provided by Compaq. The fisrt soon after purchase, as this machine was the store's demo model, and the second because of a corrupt advanced power interface file, leaving the portable with no way of operating with a battery.

My next computer will be an iMac. I saw one run with 12GB used on a 20GB Hard Drive, running a 3D CAD program on Virtual PC 3.0 (a PC emulator) faster than I can open My Documents folder.