View Full Version : IRQ settings

16-01-2001, 04:43 PM
System 500 mhz Athalon, 128 mb
Current configuration has IRQ5 shows IRQ Holder for PCI Steering + ESS PCI AudioDrive, IRQ10 has Win Fast 3D Display adapter + PCI Steering,IRQ11 has SCSI adapter +PCI Steering.

When I instal a Realtek PCI Ethernet adapter, IRQ5 now has the AudioDrive adapter, the WinFast Distplay adapter and the Ethernet adapter plus the PCI Steering holder.

In addition the SCSI adapter has been shifted from IRQ11 to IRQ 10.

While everything functions, the system locks up and has to be restarted with the reset button or being powered off and on again.

How can this apparent conflict on IRQ5 be overcome?