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07-10-2006, 08:24 PM
Hi guys, I recently put together an old computer from hardware I found outside my nextdoor neighbour house, I added in our old HDD and reformated, it was originally running 98, then I installed Xp. My dad is running XP with the same COA and I havn't been able to activate my copy, it says the key is incorrect but im 100% sure it's right. I was reading that it is legal to install the same copy of Xp on two computers as long as it's for home use only, and something like 6months after the original insallation. Is that correct, can you install XP on two machines? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

07-10-2006, 08:58 PM
Generally no. Each copy of Windows (i.e a COA) can only be used for one PC only, and in the case of OEM versions, for the PC which it was bought for.

07-10-2006, 10:09 PM
Whos your neighbour? Do they throw out anything else? :D

07-10-2006, 10:32 PM
Get the Magical Jellybean Finder (http://www.magicaljellybean.com/keyfinder.shtml) and use it to find out the serial Key of XP.

08-10-2006, 09:57 AM
If you had been or are successful in activating the copy of XP, you would then be locking out your Dad from his computer after the next Windows update check. In other words, probably not a good idea.

It is definitely one separate copy of Windows per computer, there has never been the legal ability for it to be used twice for "home use" in any Windows version.

You are probably confused with Microsoft Office, which has some abilities in that manner for some licence types.

08-10-2006, 08:28 PM
Maybe you could try clean installing the XP and then activating it via phone, rather than doing it online. ;)