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30-09-2006, 09:18 PM
I have not had the desktop PC (Windows XP Pro) turned on for 5 or 6 weeks and now, first time back on, the DVD and CD Rom drives seem to be 'still on holiday'. They are not shown in 'My Computer' at all - only the 2 hard drives and the Drive A (floppy). I'm new to computers but have looked in Device Manager and these two drives are also not now listed there.
When I insert a disk - that should run on auto - the disk spins, the green light flashes for a short time, but nothing appears on screen.
What is also different, I have earlier had a card reader plugged into a USB port and when plugged in that shows (in My Computer) as various drives G H I etc and when it is unplugged (I think) these G H I drives do not normally appear. However although they have not been plugged in for some time - they are now there - but not the DVD/CD Rom drives of E and F.
I need somehow to get E and F 'back from holiday' (not sure about the G H I J and K that are there (?) - hope this is something that someone has also experienced and can help. Or do I have to reformat and reinstall - seems major to me. Be great to hear if there is a remedy that is nice and easy. Will appreciate any help.

30-09-2006, 09:31 PM


“My CD drives have vanished (from Explorer, Device Manager, etc.)”
This happens quite often if one of the third-party packages has been uninstalled. They add references in the Registry for modules which they use, and these references fail to be removed, leaving Windows unable to find the files apparently needed for CD devices at the next boot. There is a simple Registry patch to correct this (download it here). Before using the patch, be sure to back up the Registry. After using the patch and rebooting, the drives should reappear. Any third party package that is still required will then need to be re-installed.

This problem also may arise if there is underlying trouble with the Input-Output system of the machine: for example, interactions with controllers like Promise or Highpoint, or with special drivers. It may be worth trying a change in the DMA settings for the device in Control Panel | System | Hardware | Device Manager. Under IDE controllers, double click on the Primary or Secondary IDE Channel concerned, then click the tab for the Advanced Settings page.

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04-10-2006, 10:46 AM
Many thanks for your assistance. No joy as yet but I am still attempting to work through the Microsoft articles. It is a puzzle as I have installed/uninstalled nothing for many months and all has been fine until I restarted the PC following it being off for several weeks.