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11-01-2001, 05:27 PM

I'm thinking of attending spherion technology. Can any past or present students tell me of their experiences good or bad, and what the quality of the training is like. This would be much appreciated.


20-04-2001, 12:49 PM
Of course, I'm biassed, since I work at Spherion, in Auckland. Added to which, my spouse is the national manager. AND my son (who's doing very well in the IT development industry) is a graduate from one of the qualifications.

What I can say is that we did investigate the company (it was called Computer Power Group when she joined) and what it had to offer.

Being a long-serving member in IT (thirty-odd years of working in the industry), I have not been impressed by graduates from universities and polytechs as they came into IT jobs - it took far longer than it was worth to re-train them into good performers, and even thn, most of them wanted projects that they invariably failed to deliver on. Not that they were stupid or ignorant, but they just didn't understand that 80% of all IT work is maintenance -- modifying existing programs to meet added needs. And, once they were trained to industry standards, they had this tendency to leave just as they started to become productive. Spherion grads tend to become productive sooner, and hence are better value than most of the others.

Of course, other people have other forms of experience with grads from all sources, but the above was mine, as project manager, project leader and other such positions.

The difference is that a large amount of Spherion's material is very much hands-on. You learn by doing, not just by reading and doing a couple of assignments. The material is not quite leading edge, but it contains all the basics that one would want in a starting staff member.

As instructor, I've found that it has brought into focus a few different ways of handling problems than those I already had (and those were considerable).

So, if you are really serious in learning about IT in all of its entry level skills and knowledge, I think you'll have great difficulty in finding anything that gives you the value you'd get from Spherion.

Peter B Budvietas
Campus Coordinator (Auckland)
Spherion Education.