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cowboy stu
07-09-2006, 10:50 PM
I have been emailed ( forwarded ) a word file as an attachment with the following in the message headings along with various addresses

X-MIMEOLE: Produced By Microsoft Exchange V6.5
Content-type: application/msword;

I have word 2000 .. word 2003 viewer but only see garbage
What do i need to view file please ??

07-09-2006, 11:04 PM
Did the attachment have the standard .doc extension? Have you tried saving it and then opening it up?

cowboy stu
08-09-2006, 07:21 PM
Yes is a .doc file.
Do you think it could be a security thingy.
My son had to copy paste to show the message.
Does ms exchange not let forwearding of emails ???
Thanks for help .. just annoying

08-09-2006, 10:12 PM
Best thing to do is to send the file to a Virus company for "intel" (short form for intellance). This should be done only if it is non-sensitive information and not for work or some other organistation, group, or team of some short.

This way the file can be checked for mailcous code.

cowboy stu
08-09-2006, 10:23 PM
The original receipient can read it okay .. just when its forwarded to me that the problem occurs. I don't think there's any thing malicious going on .. just wondering what ??

08-09-2006, 10:30 PM
Don't worry cowboy stu on what shaz was saying, he / she was just blabbering along.

Can you use other word processing programs such as Wordpad or Notepad to open up the file and see if you still see those funny codes?

Cheers :)

cowboy stu
09-09-2006, 10:24 AM
No same result with everything,
My son can see it on his pc okay I just get email respondants and then junk where you should see the report .. a few pages of

X-NZRU-iSpy: Managed eMail Security
Original-recipient: rfc822;jsm89@student.

Is this a clue do you think

09-09-2006, 11:06 AM
Sounds like you have a malware attack.
With luck Speedy will come to the rescue.

09-09-2006, 04:11 PM
Get the other guy to sent it to you again. It sounds like it's just been corrupted accidentally.

cowboy stu
10-09-2006, 01:58 PM
Will do but it s happened more than once with different files same procedure .. not with anything else... mystery

Speedy Gonzales
10-09-2006, 02:16 PM
Maybe I-Spy screwed something up??

What else have u got that scans email?

cowboy stu
10-09-2006, 04:06 PM
No thats on the incoming file. I can see that but not the message underneath

10-09-2006, 05:35 PM
It sounds like you are just seeing the mime encoded data instead of the attachment.

Perhaps knowing what email program you use may shed some light on it.

cowboy stu
10-09-2006, 06:55 PM
Yep I thought it could be something like that. Using outlook express to bring in but save to folder the file then open with word as it is a doc file.

10-09-2006, 10:00 PM
Are you using File->Save As ? This may be the problem. If this is the case then you are saving the email message source. Since this is a plain text document Word would open it as such and display all the headers, message body, and the encoded attachments.

If this is the case try using File->Save Attachments instead or click on the file name in the attachments list and select to save it.

cowboy stu
11-09-2006, 02:34 PM
No all techniques give the same result.. garbage in the main body of the message

cowboy stu
11-09-2006, 07:26 PM
I forwarded to some one else and the error message they get is

"Not a valid web archive"