View Full Version : Mail Rules Outlook Express 6 - Confused

06-09-2006, 03:22 PM
Now know Rules are only meant for incoming Email (I think)

I have 1 Email acct with several alias, & trying to set up so they go direct to a certain folder.
Getting confused with some choices for
"Select Condition for yr rule."

1.Where the From line contains people
2.Where the to line contains people
3. Where the message is from the specified acct

Iíve looked at heaps different web sites and some say 1 way & other another.
All relate to incoming.
For 1) Most say use this for yr other email address. Iím confused. If its mail address TO one of yr aliases, wouldnít u use 3. Or even 2. I cant see why 1.

Someone explain in what circumstances u should use either of the 3 options
and what difference it makes.