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08-01-2001, 06:20 PM
'Windows98SE Quick Re-start'or 'Re-boot' problems

It has been known for some time that tweakui causes problems,
with certain menu areas being 'greyed out', particulaly when used to remove LogOn\LogOff from the 'Start' menue. For that reason I have always done this through the registry along with most of my customising.

However after recently installing 98SE (clean from reformat after using 98),installing all of my basic software, downloading and installing all of the latest updates from the Microsoft Web site and carrying out all of my normal customisations I found that my machine was 'hanging' on my 'quick restart' shortcut and 'Re-boot'after installling programs which auto reboot, also, it did not have its normal stability.

Right at the end of a 26M down-load of the ie5.5 update I had suffered an early shut-off from my server and as this was the only thing which differed from any of my usual re-installs, I thought it to be the problem so I immediately reformatted and reinstalled and re-downloaded only to find that the hang-ups and instability still persisted.

Over the next 2 days I spent some 30 odd hours going through a trial, error and elimination process and finally found that tweakui was the problem.

I had never struck this problem when using tweakui in Win98, so, to be certain, I then went through several reformat, reinstalls and customiseations (without Tweakui) AND without experiencing any more trouble.

I searched the Microsoft database and found the following, which reffered to removing the arrows from the shortcut icons in 95, 98,98SE and ME,
. . . remove the IsShortcut value from:

In the registry I found the string (IsShortcut) at both HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\lnkfile
but there was no values set.

I know how to get rid of the 'shortcut arrows' in 95 and 98 but 98SE is different so I decided to put up with the arrows until I find how to do it through the registry.

Today, 08-01-2001, I found the latest version of Tweakui and I installed it, full of hope that the last of my little problems would be fixed but it was not to be. My machine is now hanging up again.