View Full Version : AMD K6-2 and win95

08-01-2001, 12:39 PM
My AMD K5-PR100 just died. I had been saving up for over a month now, so I
went shopping. I entered a local computer store where the AMD K6-2 500mhz
caught my eye. So I bought it. Got home and discovered my Windows 98 SE CD
had been damaged during the house move. Alas, i had to install Windows 95. I
installed it, ran it, crashed. restarted, booted up, crashed, restarted.
This cycle went over a couple of times. I hopped on the net on my dads
celeron 400, and discovered that Windows 95 will not work with the AMD K6-2
350+. unless I download a small patch. So I downloaded it. stuck it on a
disk, copied onto my hard drive and booted into the command prompt. I
attempted to run the file. 'This program cannot run into DOS mode.' my
computer replyed. But this patch is supposed to fix my pc so I can run
win95. Now thats not gonna happen when the exe has to be run in windows.
Thanks AMD. Your going back to the computer store, while I save up some
more cash for a decent processor.