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22-08-2006, 09:37 AM
I have been useing IE 7 for the past week and am more than happy with it,

IE 6 started giving me a notice on every page about popups or something which I had to click on to remove and then click the conformation.

I then gave Firefox a good try. Their download procedia was hopeless.Half the time I didn't know if I was downloading on not. And even though I had Tabs disconected (or whatever) I kept getting asked if I wanted to tab the current page.

I next tried Opera. Too confusing for me.

So I gave IE 7 another try. I set it up the way I wanted it.And it works that way. So IE 7 Beta is the one for me.

23-08-2006, 01:37 AM
Are you aware that IE7 Beta 3 is just that? A beta version!
I had tried Beta 1 and did not fancy it much anyway.

I had been using IE6 that comes with WinXPPro SP2 and was happy with that.

As you seemed to be happy with IE7 beta 3 I thought I would give it a try.

The browser itself seems to be OK but the interface has changed. This I can handle.

My problem with it came from the fact that a game I have been playing for some time now would not let me save a game any more. I had not downloaded any extentions, toolbars so I then uninstalled the beta IE7. Game still would not allow me to save a game part way through.

As you may be aware IE7 changes quite a few core components in the operating system and just a simple uninstall did not work for me.

I have turned System Restore off on all drives so that was not going to work either. I had an image I could have Ghosted back but I decided to do it the hard way.

Tried sfc / scannow and that did not find my full copy of winxp as it was looking on the wrong drive as I changed drive letters after first making this box.

Shove the WinXP CD in and a repair install works. Just about 3 1/2 hours later.

I am back.

Your other post about downloading being slow may also be to do with IE7 and it may not.

The game I could not save was Crimson Skies from Microsoft and it worked perfectly until IE7 came along.

I can save games now too.